The Aquatherma ECO range is an energy-efficient air-to-water heat pump designed for the production of chilled or hot water for residential air conditioning, as well as for the production of large volumes of domestic hot water. This integral and compact system has been specially designed to cover all the possible needs of your installation.

Aquatherma ECO

Compact unit for DHW and Air Conditioning

Saving up to:

This system guarantees a maximum temperature of 80ºC for DHW production, up to 70ºC for heating production and a minimum temperature of 7ºC for cooling production.

Aquatherma ECO is a compact unit made of galvanised steel and has the comfort of being a silent unit, with thick insulation and advanced control, among many other virtues.

- Monophasics: 04R | 06R | 08R | 10R | 12R | 14R | 16R
- Triphasics: 10RT | 12RT | 14RT | 16RT | 32RT | 60RT | 65RT | 130RT

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