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The AQ series with hybrid panel offers the most efficient solutions

Efi's AQ series is the ideal solution to have domestic hot water in a more ecological, efficient and economical way 💧 It also has many other advantages for you and your home, take advantage of each and every one of them! 👍🏼

Teams 30/03/2021

EFI is pleased to be able to join the AFEC

We love to give news like this 🌟 EFI is already part of the Association of Manufacturers of Air Conditioning Equipment (AFEC) From here we want to show our gratitude for this incorporation and be part of the great AFEC 👏🏼

Teams 30/03/2021

New ecological equipment with R32 gas

EFI continues to evolve, we take a leap into the green world with the range of products that use R32 🌫 A gas with zero O³ impact and higher energy efficiency. This new gas contains 30% less refrigerant gas and the equipment is 80% cleaner for the environment 🍃

Teams 02/04/2021

2Water Hybrid systems now available offering the best of both worlds

The 2 water hybrid system is a revolution in the market, mixing the power of the sun and the photovoltaic panel ☀ thus producing electricity with the efficiency of our 2 water panels that use thermohydric technology to produce sanitary hot water 💧 as well as to cool the photovoltaic panel, increasing the performance of both in very high percentages.

Teams 01/04/2021

The EFI team always improving and advancing to detail for customers

This week, our team has been in training 🎓 At EFI we are committed to continuous learning and growth, and our R & D & I Department is in charge of keeping us up to date with all the news 😉 Thanks to this, We have a lot of news for our customers! ⁣

Training 30/03/2021