Air conditioning



Select the computers

Select one of the climate options offered by EFI to compare it to the current heating system.

New system
System use

Indicate which heating system is currently installed or compare it with another system in the case of a new house.

Current system or to compare
House information
Type of housing
m² useful

Indicates the type of transmitter available and with which the new air conditioning system would work.

Installation type

Enter the meters of your radiant wall or floor.

Enter the number of radiator elements

Enter the degrees in which you would like to maintain the installation, the ideal temperature in the house or where you plan to install the new system.

Comfort temperature in ° C
Energy consumption

Specify the insulation of the facade or the envelope of your house or your premises. For reference, keep in mind that a house built before 1980 will probably have very poor insulation.

Isolation type
Number of current heating hours
Annual consumption in kilos

Air conditioning

Select your room temperature and we will find the best solution for you.

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