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Efficiency · Future · Innovation

Efficiency · Future · Innovation

Reinventing the heat pump

EFI has developed a range of products designed around what customers want. Introducing innovations for improving energy efficiency with reliable equipment, attractive design and easy maintenance.

Welcome to the new generation of heat pumps based on Efficiency, Future and Innovation .

How it works?

The technology of heat pump air-water captures free energy which can be used to cover the energy demand of the building. The compressor is the element responsible for transfering the energy from the water outside and the inside, according to the operating mode.

This gives savings of up to 75% compared to conventional energy sources.

How it works? la Heat pump
Agua Caliente Sanitaria  / Heating · Aire acondicionado

Hot water / Heating / Air conditioning

Domestic Range

AQ and Aquatherma is a series of air/water heat pumps of high efficiency for the production of cold or domestic hot water for use in heating, cooling and domestic hot water..

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Heat pump de Domestic Range

Industrial Range

The Efitherma range is composed of a series of heat pumps for the production of domestic hot water, cold water or both, working simultaneously in order to obtain the maximum adaptability in commercial and industrial installations.

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Heat pump de Industrial Range

Why EFI?

EFI was born as a sustainable commitment in the market for domestic, commercial and industrial air conditioning. A group of companies with over 10 years experience in the field of heat pumps has joined its technicians to develop innovative solutions with high quality, efficiency and security in respond to an increasingly demanding market.

In order to make these concepts possible, EFI has a production plant of more than 10,000 m2 located in Lucena. Facilities include a training center, showroom, laboratory and advanced machinery to ensure maximum product quality.

EFI is a company 100% of technological nature where Innovation and continuous development are the main engines that drive us to the goal of efficiency and sustainability.

A strong team of experienced technicians, engineers and commercials agents is available to provide more details about this new ambitious business project .

Welcome to the new generation of heat pumps based on Efficiency, Future and Innovation .

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