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Tips to optimize the use of energy with the heat pump

Picture of Author: Araceli Buendía

Author: Araceli Buendía

Efitherma Marketing Department

Tips to optimize the use of energy with the heat pump

Picture of Author: Araceli Buendía

Author: Araceli Buendía

Efitherma Marketing Department

5 Tips to save with the heat pump

When it comes to energy efficiency and savings in the production of domestic hot water (DHW), heat pumps are a highly efficient and sustainable solution. In this article, we will provide you with some practical advice to optimize the use of energy and save on the production of domestic hot water with heat pumps.

1. Take advantage of heat pump technology

Heat pumps for DHW production have become a popular option as they use renewable energy and are highly efficient compared to traditional water heating systems. Make sure you choose a quality heat pump that meets your specific needs and take advantage of all the functions and features it offers.

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What capacity should I choose?

Properly sizing the heat pump to maximize energy efficiency is essential. If it is too small, it will overwork and consume more energy than necessary. If it is too large, it will run short and inefficient cycles

Consult with a professional to determine the appropriate size of your heat pump based on the domestic hot water demand of your home.

At Efitherma you can find equipment from 75 to 500 liters. Check all its capacities here and find the one that best suits your needs:

2. Optimize setup and programming

Adjust your heat pump settings to suit the needs of your home or business. Set the water temperature to your preferences and use built-in scheduling to prevent unnecessary running during times when hot water is not required.

Equipment like the ones offered by Efitherma to the market, provide a control APP. In this case we refer to “EFI SmartApp”, an application developed by us where you can monitor the performance and status of your heat pump system among many other functions, such as:

Temperature settings

Adjust the hot water temperature according to your preferences and needs, from the comfort of your mobile device. You can also program specific hours or activate energy saving modes.

Alarm monitoring

In case of an anomaly, EFI SmartApp notifies you the moment an alarm is activated, sending an email with all the information. You also have a history with all the alarms, which will be very useful to resolve any incident with the technical service.

Multiple equipments

If you have several Efitherma equipments, you can control them all from the same account and group them by zones. You can also change the interface layout and instantly view alarms or listen to them through the built-in speaker.

3. Ensures good insulation in the piping system

Good insulation of the pipes that carry hot water is essential to prevent heat loss. Make sure that the pipes are properly insulated and sealed to maintain the temperature of the water during its distribution.

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4. Performs regular maintenance

Carry out periodic maintenance on your heat pump to guarantee its optimal operation. Clean filters regularly, check connections, and perform manufacturer-recommended inspections. Proper maintenance will prolong the life of the heat pump and ensure its energy efficiency in the long term.

Another important aspect to highlight is the durability of heat pumps. These systems usually have a long useful life and although periodic supervision maintenance must be carried out, it is minimal compared to other DHW collection systems, which reduces the generation of waste and contributes to the circular economy.

5. Education and awareness

Domestic hot water is an essential resource in our lives, used for daily activities such as showering, laundry or washing dishes. However, heating the water requires a significant amount of energy, which, in many cases, comes from non-renewable and highly polluting sources.

Educates system users on best usage practices and the importance of energy efficiency. Promotes the responsible use of hot water and provides information on the environmental and economic benefits of heat pumps in DHW production.

The environmental benefits of using a heat pump are remarkable. First, by using renewable energy sources, dependence on fossil fuels is reduced and the emission of greenhouse gases is reduced. This contributes to mitigating climate change and reducing air pollution.

Compared to traditional water heating systems, such as gas boilers or electric heaters, the heat pump can be up to three times more energy efficient.

By implementing these measures, we not only reduce our environmental footprint, but you will also enjoy long-term financial savings and contribute to a more sustainable future. Discover the different sustainable systems for obtaining DHW and air conditioning at: © Efitherma

Economic savings

Heat pumps allow for significant savings in energy costs in the long run. Although the initial investment may be somewhat higher than other conventional systems, the reduction in energy consumption translates into a quick return on investment and economic savings throughout the useful life of the equipment. Some heat pump models are reversible and can be used to air-condition spaces during the warmer months. This eliminates the need for separate air conditioning systems and further reduces energy costs.

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Do you know Efitherma?

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Do you know Efitherma?

Access their website and discover the most efficient and sustainable solutions.