The Aquatherma TD range of equipment are air-to-water heat pumps with solar gain, designed for the production of large volumes of domestic hot water and heating. Its operating system is characterised by the incorporation of thermodynamic panels, which generate an increase in performance thanks to the use of incident solar radiation, as well as the energy contained in the environment.

Aquatherma TD

Thermodynamic solar heating

Saving up to:

The thermodynamic aluminium roll-bond panel has a service life of more than 25 years and a special outdoor paint treatment. It weighs less than 6.5 kg, which makes it a very light panel, making it easy to install both horizontally and vertically.

This equipment provides high performance with low power consumption. The solar gain of the thermodynamic panels provides significant savings in the heating of large volumes of heating and DHW installations.

Wide range of models designed to suit specific user demand, with a customised design, ideal for large projects. You can combine multiple units to obtain the required heating capacity.

ATD 04 | ATD 06 | ATD 08 | ATD 12 | ATD 16 | ATD 24 | ATD 32 | ATD 40

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