Logo EFI


EFI's fundamental principles are: The quality of our equipment and total customer satisfaction, because economic and business success depends on constant dedication to these principles. Quality runs through every aspect of the business, from safety to the final product. Our aim is to ensure that each employee performs his or her activities correctly from start to finish.


The main objective is to meet 100% of the customer’s expectations with our solutions.


The customer defines the quality requirements for his specific use. Together, we agree on measurable specifications so that our products meet the customer’s needs.

Raw materials

All our raw materials meet the quality standards set and each of our suppliers must meet the same standards.


We are committed to responding professionally to the needs expressed by our customers and suppliers through continuous cooperation and communication.


In our commitment to quality, we are the first company in the sector to be accredited by a quality management system based on the ISO 9001: 2015 standard that covers both the processes and all the machinery in our catalogue.


The devices described on this website comply with the DC 2014/30/EU (Electrical Safety) and DC 2014/35/EU (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Directives.