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In accordance with the WARRANTY CERTIFICATE accompanying each product.

Material returns will not be accepted unless expressly authorised by EFICIENCIA, FUTURO E INGENIERÍA S.L. In any case, the material must be sent free of shipping costs.

The shipping costs shall be those due, with the exception of the special conditions to be signed in the particular distribution contract.

In this case, the courts of Lucena (Córdoba) shall have jurisdiction.

The prices shown in this price list are PRICES FOR SALE TO THE PUBLIC and at our central facilities or distribution warehouses. The applicable taxes will be charged on the corresponding invoice.

No returns will be accepted unless expressly authorised by the S.A.T..

Standard EFI included in the price.

Order requests should be addressed to our head office EFICIENCIA, FUTURO E INGENIERÍA S.L. (EFI).

Orders cannot be cancelled once the material has been shipped. If the material is of special manufacture, cancellation will not be accepted once manufacture has started. We reserve the right to accept orders from customers who are in breach of previous contracts. The particular conditions mentioned in the customer's order will be cancelled if they do not comply with these general terms and conditions of sale or if they are expressly accepted.